Quicklime is not only the fertilizer which provides calcium (Ca) for plants but also has many effects that other chemical fertilizers dont have, they are:
(a) Lime stops the degradation of the soil;
(b) Lime reduces the harmful effects of salt;
(c) Lime inhibits the growth of pathogens in the soil; and
(d) Lime promotes the effect of organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers and herbicides.
Need to understand the effect of each type of lime before using:
(1) Calcium Carbonat (CaCO3): is made by finely crushing limestone. It takes long time to have effect, usually from 2 to 6 months after fertilizing depending on the fineness of lime;
(2) Burnt Lime (CaO): is produced by burning limestone in kilns at temperatures about 900-1.000oC as brick making . This type has the strongest and fastest effect but it’s easy to cause burns when contacting water;
(3) Hydrated lime (Ca (OH) 2): is produced by using amount of water whose weight is near equal to quicklime’s wieght to water quicklime, then quicklime’s form turns from lump shape to powder one. , heat (about 150 o C) and evaporation. This type has fast effect, too;
(4) Calcium Sulfate (CaSO4): This is a special type which has sulfur, it has fast effect but should not be used in alkaline soil.



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